Santander vista desde el mar

Fascinating sandy beaches

Municipality of Suances

Suances's coastline in Cantabria, appears dotted extensive sandy, steep cliffs and small coves. The beach of "Los Locos" is a favorite of surfers in summer is very busy, especially by young people. La Concha is the longest beach of the town, with its 900 meters in length, within an urban environment and its characteristics and accessibility is mainly chosen by families. The Sable (Tagle) is encased in a small sandy meadowland area, very quiet. La Ribera, a small beach town located on the estuary of San Martin, and the "Tablía" are the smallest of all. Suances find some of the most beautiful beaches of Cantabria, just a few meters from the Accommodation Montesal.

Municipality of San Vicente de la Barquera

We also found only a few kilometers Comillas beaches located on the west coast of Cantabria, 50 km from Santander. In the late nineteenth century, due to the dramatic rise of summer fashion in this area, was chosen by the aristocracy to enjoy your holiday. Under this sponsorship, the important Catalan modernist architects of the moment, like Gaudi, made here many of his works.

Just beyond, San Vicente de la Barquera offers several miles of beaches where you can enjoy long sandy Merón as they have the Blue Flag accredited optimal water conditions, the sand and the different services offer. Also notable for its extension Oyambre beach that served as runway for "The Yellow Bird" which starred one of the first transoceanic flights. Alongside these highlights Tostadero protected beaches and La Maza, inside the bay, or small coves as Resource or Nanny.

The Accommodation Montesal offer you the chance to enjoy the beauty of our beaches, heat the peasantry or the sunsets in any cliffs. Three of our accommodations, La Cantina del Puerto or El Mirador del Faro is located in the municipality of Suances.

Accommodation Montesal, the perfect break ...