Santander vista desde el mar


Food Tradition

We all know that in northern Spain we eat very well, and Cantabria no exception: its mountain cooked, fresh seafood from the Cantabrian Sea and delicious homemade pastries make it one of the richest cuisines and tasty Spain.

Therefore, and because they know well a place is necessarily know their food, I'll give you some little clues that you may know what are the most typical dishes of Cantabria. Then you will know what you are going to find to get to the Accommodation Montesal.


First, we find the Mountain Stew: a plate of champions, or reinforcement perfect after a long walk through the woods. Typically Cabuérniga Valley and its main ingredients are white beans and cabbage, to which is added the compango: bacon, sausage, chorizo ... Not for diets!

Another variant Liébana Valley is the Cooked Lebaniego. This replaces baked beans for the chickpeas, accompanied by potato, cabbage, and the ever present compango.


In Cantabria we are lucky to have a sea that offers fresh seafood hard to find in other areas of Spain. Santoña Anchovies have gained international fame but monkfish, sea bass, shrimp or mussels are not far behind. Do you know which are the fried calamari?, Then enter the Accommodation Montesal, leave bags, and immediately visit any Suances taverns next to the apartments, an exquisite surprise awaits you as squid.


If something is known Cantabria, is by its farming tradition. The meat of grass like Tudanca, it is almost a symbol of the region, but all we can enjoy in this land: deer, wild boar, pork ... Have you tried the Chorizo from Potes? Do it: you will not regret.


Moving on to the desserts there are for all tastes. Those who prefer something salty, you try one of the delicious cheeses: the volcanic Tresviso, the Liébana quesucos ... all with Designation of Origin.

Of the sweets you could write a separate chapter: the famous soba can be found in supermarkets across the country, but no resemblance to the real and fluffy sobaos pasiegos, bought at home. The Cantabrian is another specialty Quesada, originally from Vega de Pas and made with milk, butter, sugar, flour, egg.

I can not ignore the pastries: Unquera nobody passes without taking a box of "ties" and in Torrelavega hojaldrera town of great tradition, you can taste the delicious "polkas". In Torrelavega, do not let pass the opportunity to try either puff pastry pie, best of Spain.

In Montesal Accommodation put you in the center of this feast for the senses, not to be missed!.
Accommodation Montesal, the perfect break ...