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The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

A little more than 50 minutes you can see the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, designed by American architect Frank Gehry and is a magnificent example of architecture twentieth century avant-garde.

With 24,000 m2, of which 11,000 are intended for exhibition space, the building is an architectural landmark for its bold and innovative design configuration, forming a seductive backdrop for art exhibits therein. Taken together, Gehry's design creates a sculptural and dramatic structure perfectly integrated into the urban fabric of Bilbao and its surroundings.

The exterior of the museum, whose perimeter can be covered in full, presents different configurations from different perspectives and also serves to the art exhibition, hosting pieces by as Louise Bourgeois, Eduardo Chillida, Yves Klein, Jeff Koons o Fujiko Nakaya. The plot on which the building stands is crossed at one end by the La Salve Bridge since 2007, serves to support the intervention sculpture commissioned by the Museum titled Red bows Daniel Buren / Arku Gorriak. Under the bridge runs the room 104, a huge column-free gallery that houses the Richard Serra sculpture installation The Matter of Time, and he comes across at its end with a tower, a shot sculptural architectural design embraces the colossal bridge and incorporating it effectively in the building.

The permanent collection of the Guggenheim in Bilbao is devoted to American and European art of the twentieth century and features the likes of Richard Serra, de Kooning, Rothko, Still, Warhol, Rauschemberg, Chillida o Tápies.

Alojamientos Montesal you about one of the most important avant-garde buildings in the world, and its spectacular collection of modern art.


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