Vista Ria de Suances

Where are we

Our accommodations are in Suances a beautiful seaside town located on one of the most beautiful central coast of Cantabria.

Emphasize its wonderful sandy beaches, which during the summer Era attract thousands of visitors making the villa Suances one of the main centers of tourist attraction of Cantabria.

An exceptional natural environment in one of the most traditional enclaves Cantabrian seduces by its landscape and beauty., And delights visitors with panoramic views of the coast.

Suances an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of gastronomy, sports, water sports and a lively atmosphere.

La Cabaña del Chivo is located in the port of Sejos deep Nansas Valley, in the upper reaches of the river. This is a very accessible area, which during the last months of spring and summer serves as pasture for livestock in the area of Campo-Cabuérniga Commonwealth, and some villages and Rionansa and Polaciones. This secular farming in these ports has influenced the landscape of meadows and interaction with humans has left its mark in the form of shepherds huts, and earlier in the megalithic monuments that can still be found there. One of these particular cabins we have recovered so you can enjoy the wild nature.