Faro de suances cantabria


Suances extends around the union of the rivers Saja and Besaya, forming at its mouth the estuary of Suances, also known as San Martin de la Arena. The estuary forms a natural harbor between cliffs (Punta del Dichoso) in which many historians locate the "Portus Blendium" Roman, famous in the past for its navy and great commercial, which became the most important route of entry of the Cantabrian coast.

Suances is a municipality in the Cantabrian tourism landmark thanks to the union of a complete catering equipment with the traditional flavor of the sea.

In Suances brings together various art forms. The chapel del Carmen or the convent of Santo Domingo are good examples of their religious buildings. The latter is located in Cortiguera, in a possible archaeological site near the estuary of the arena. Historians believe that here was the medieval church of Santo Domingo de la Barquería, founded in 1078. In the same place we found the Barreda tower, a vestige of an ancient fortress.

In Hinojedo found a necropolis buried medieval mansion and Fernando Velarde, birthplace of the famous poet in the nineteenth century. Also deserve attention Ongayo parish churches and Puente Avios.

La Fiesta del Carmen, commemorated between 15 and 18 July, is the most important of the town of Suances, where there are multiple celebrations throughout the summer. Stresses “El Carmen” by the majestic maritime procession in which all boats of the village are decorated and circumvent the privilege of transporting the patron of sailors on a beautiful walk along the river of San Martin.

Suances has privileged beaches, such as Tagle (200 meters), The Tablía (50 meters), La Concha (1 km), La Ribera (350 meters), The Riberuca (120 meters) and Los Locos (50 meters).

Today is a predominantly tourist village, developed around the set of beaches that are grouped in the Punta del Blessed. Note the Los Locos beach, a mythical place where generations of surfers have gathered around a popular wave of northern Spain, and the de Tagle, who invites us to contemplate in the long summer evenings spectacular sunsets sol.

A magical place that you can enjoy from any of the Alojamientos Montesal as La Cantina del Puerto and El Mirador del Faro, all located in one of the most strategic places of the municipality.